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We're not gonna make it out of here alive. Well, I might...

The Earth says, Why have you been such a waste of my time?

The Earth says, Why have you been such a waste of my time?

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Dear humans,

Hugs and kisses and winks,

The dirt you FUCKING walk on, EARTH.


  • Um, like, hey.

    Long time no see, eh?

    Yeah. Cool and all. Later, dude :)
  • I posted all that 4th edition stuff as Heraldstorm, if you were looking for it
  • more useless info

    # Tieflings will be a part of the 'core' races. Either half-orcs or gnomes will not be.
    # Races will aquire more racial abilities as they gain levels, maxing out around 10th level.
    # The fighter class will specialize in a weapon or a group of weapons, gaining ToB-like attack manouvers based on his chosen weapon(s).
    # Monster races will be available later, but will probably not have the same stats as the monster.
    # Vancian casting will be mostly gone
    # Wizards will be able to cast 25th level spells, suggesting a complete revamp of the magic system.
    # Hellish Paladins of Asmodeus.
    # The feat system is getting completely redone.
    # Their primary concern is making the power levels equal and keeping them equal throughout all of the levels, so that casters don't dominate high levels and melee'ers don't dominate at low levels.
    # The grapple system is getting redone to make it less messy and less confusing.
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