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We're not gonna make it out of here alive. Well, I might...

Seriously can't find this at the store anymore.

Seriously can't find this at the store anymore.

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What really happened to all the lsd?
It's just fucking gone.
  • Teehee, I can taste colors!
  • LSD= huge pain in the ass to make(decent lab like setting) and little return
    X= still a pain in the ass to make but much better return
    Crystal=easily made huge return

    Sorry man, but the idea of drugs as a way to expand your horizons is the thought of a bygone era. Really its right up there with challenging someone to a duel. I hear that hallucinogens are still big in Colorado and of course in REAL cities (New York, Seattle, and LA) anything is still available.
    But I think the biggest problem is that we are no longer the young hip party animals. Drugs connections require you to leave the house and meet people you dont like but have to pretend to like so you can get them to call "that guy". Is it even worth it?
    • Nope. Not really worth it. I just wish I had a gallon or so of LSD25 behind some "Break in case of emergency glass" with a hammer next to it just in case I ever need to "figure some stuff out". You know, for hard times.
  • seriously bored at work

    campaign ideas (mix, match, ignore as needed)

    Instead of having people with real magic powers use the occult skill to research and enact (real)rituals. Plus for added fun have damaged or fake rituals show up all the time

    Grant people powers based upon living like an archetype jungian or platonic.
    (stolen from unknown armies but its very creepily cool) Think the uncatchable serial killer who can be caught because He's living like the Jungian shadow and you have to use anti-shadow things against his twisted dark based powers (for extra points call him the boogie man)

    A seriously evil event tears the scales away from the characters eyes and shows them the real nature of the world. they witness angels killing children, a group of children killing an angel,
    beautiful young girl tearing out they eyes of a vampire/werewolf , see a demon meeting with a local laughingstock, or maybe I've just got em on the brain because you said constantine but maybe they witness an angel fall and become a demon.

    just use the lost room storyline without the occupant

    (Overdone but still cool) a new drug hits the streets user become stronger and more prone to violence and eventually become ghouls to dealer


    • Re: seriously bored at work

      Thanks. I reminded myself this morning on the way to work about the Lost Room. I would love to do something like that. (That's great for beginning mortals). But I would also like to do something end-of-the-worldish. Maybe a sudtle apocalypse. Or maybe something localized like werewolf on a plane or barn of the blood lamas.
      I am gonna have everyone make up base WoD humans with NO extra points and go from there.
      • Re: seriously bored at work

        How about an end of the world where nobody noticed. You know the world was ended in 1987, but nothing changed. So a bunch of weird stuff is happening because all the old ways of doing thing closed shop. No more heaven or hell for souls. Spirits kicked out of the spirit world and forces of destruciton no longer chained, but no longer godzilla flavored powerful anymore. you know fenris wolf having to hold down a job a kinkos kind of thing.
  • go to the D&D website and watch the interview with the beholder. Funny stuff
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