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We're not gonna make it out of here alive. Well, I might...

8 February
I like raindrops and kittens and round silver bells. These are a few of my favorite things.
abandoned places, adventure, aliens, ancient recipes, ancient religions, ancient weapons, animal fur, antiques, archeology, archery, armor, asian food, assassins, astrology, atlantis, autumn, aztecs, babylon, beaches, black iron nails, blood, bones, bullets, camaros, canoes, castles, catapults, cats, caves, chernobyl, chillin, chopsticks, clocks, concerts, cooking, dinosaurs, dirtbikes, dreams, drinking, driving fast, dying, edgar cayce, egyptian gods, etymology, evil clowns, eyes, fallen angels, fencing, fighting the bad fight, fighting the good fight, fireplaces, flipflops, frenchfries, fresh herbs, full moon raves, gasoline, ghosts, girls with attitude, gloves, gods, godzilla, gunpowder, halloween, hallucinogens, hand grenades, hatchets, history, hunter s. thompson, ice, immortality, inner strength, jack daniels, kitchens, knives, leading the resistance, machetes, martial arts, me, mint juleps, monsters, mountains, music, musuems, mysoncody, mythology, nightclubs, nightmares, ninjas, old books, oldhouses, outer fucking space, paleontology, penguins, pistols, poison, pyramids, question marks, railroad tracks, red meat, restaurants, runes, running with scissors, scars, serial killers, sex, shadows, shamans, sharks, skeleton keys, skulls, sleeping, smiles, snow, snowboarding, souls, spears, staring at the unusual, steel, strangers, swamps, swordfighting, tattoos, tears, thailand, the dark carnival, the ocean, things on fire, thunderstorms, time, tornadoes, trains, trebuchets, tribes, underneath the carpet, urban exploring, vonnegut, voodoo, war, warpaint, wasting time, werewolves, wicked clowns, wisdom, woks, you, your mom, zombies!